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Pasta Venture Update...

I have actually slowed down just enough to pay attention just a bit to my blogs. So, I thought I'd try to update those interested on my last post on this blog about learning to make pasta! I had high, high hopes that we would have been completely moved in and more settled than we now are, but we are not. We still have more stuff to move and then I have to unpack it, set it up, etc. You know the rest!
On top of all of the moving trauma, my stove has just gotten hooked up to the gas! The vent hood is still not properly installed and I still do not have a backsplash to keep the grease and spattering off of the painted wall. So! Unfortunately my pasta making experience will have to wait a bit longer. Booooo! The holidays are approaching quickly so it looks like I am going to have to light a few fires under some folks!
How ever, in the mean time, if I happen to ever get my kitchen and pantry in working order so that I can focus on cooking once again, very soon I hope, I will be adding…