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Julie's Delicious Brunch Concoction

So, I was in the middle of window shopping, online of course, when my tummy told my head it was hungry. I hadn't eaten any breakfast so, naturally for me, my thoughts went to eggs because I do luv eggs almost any way you can prepare them as long as they are cooked completely. The thought then came to me that rice and eggs would be a scrumptious choice, but I did not want to take the time for the rice to cook! So! I got this, what I now think, is a brilliant idea! I had recently restocked my freezer with a yummy rice and broccoli mixed with a cheese sauce by the jolly green guy himself so I got the idea to make my usually bland rice and egg concoction with this instead!  Now do understand, rice, broccoli, eggs, and cheese are my favorite foods in their food groups. I decided to first cook the broccoli and rice mixture as directed on the package because of the cheese sauce. I then whipped two large eggs with salt and pepper in a seep rate bowl. I heated about two tablespoons of but…

I do love home made Pasta!

Okay, okay it is time! Time I learn how to and put into practice the making of my own home made pasta! I luv it! I confess! And since the store bought stuff of any brand, I might add, leaves something to be desired, I must get over my inhibitions and just do it! I mean, I love making home made yeast breads so, how much harder or time consuming can it be than that?! Right?! Hubby finally bought the pasta making attachment to my mixer, (a few years ago,) and does not forget to bring it to my attention every now and again. That said, I started looking for pasta maker videos last night on the web, (since I am a very visual learner,) to get the feel and grab some technique from those who have already been there and done that. I was surfing the Craftsy app on my Ipad when I came across this guy, "Giuliano Hazan" the son of a long line of Italian pasta makers whose late mother was a renowned Italian cooking doyenne Marcella Hazan, and wrote books of her own recipes and more. I foun…