Julie's Delicious Brunch Concoction

Thursday, March 20, 2014

So, I was in the middle of window shopping, online of course, when my tummy told my head it was hungry. I hadn't eaten any breakfast so, naturally for me, my thoughts went to eggs because I do luv eggs almost any way you can prepare them as long as they are cooked completely. The thought then came to me that rice and eggs would be a scrumptious choice, but I did not want to take the time for the rice to cook! So! I got this, what I now think, is a brilliant idea! I had recently restocked my freezer with a yummy rice and broccoli mixed with a cheese sauce by the jolly green guy himself so I got the idea to make my usually bland rice and egg concoction with this instead! 
Now do understand, rice, broccoli, eggs, and cheese are my favorite foods in their food groups.
I decided to first cook the broccoli and rice mixture as directed on the package because of the cheese sauce. I then whipped two large eggs with salt and pepper in a seep rate bowl. I heated about two tablespoons of butter in my skillet. I then added the broccoli and rice and over that I poured my egg mixture. With a fork, I incorporated it all together and let it cook until the egg was as done as I like it. The result was delicious! So delicious in fact that I wanted to share it with all of you! 
The texture was a bit creamy but not at all soggy, and the broccoli added such a gratifying flavor and texture. Perhaps next time I make this I may incorporate bell pepper or maybe onion. But I thought it was amazing just the way it was.
So next time you find yourself starving and it is between breakfast and lunch, give this little dish a try.
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