My 2nd Favorite Breakfast! Yum!

Monday, February 9, 2015

This just happens to be what I had for dinner two nights ago. Pecan filled waffles made on my new Cuisinart 5 in 1 griddle that I had to buy to replace to replace my G. Foreman griddle that had gotten severely damaged when moved into the house last July. I had been starving for waffles ever since we moved in but could not find a proper replacement for my machine. I really loved the versatility of my G. F. grill but the newer ones?? Well, bottom line is I hated the painted looking colors and thought they might be hard to maintain since one does use oil of one kind or another when cooking on it, So, I finally decided to choose the stainless steel finish on the Cuisinart brand, as well as the vesatility of being able to select different temperatures to cook with as well. In conclusion? My new Cuisinart cooks at higher temps so my food gets done quicker. I haven't tried it yet but, I believe it will make a mean grilled panini! I am a happy camper! Oh! This post was supposed to be about the waffles! Right! 
So for the first time I used the pancake mix from Red Mill in an effort to find a replacement for the best pancake mix ever I used but could never find again. You must add fresh ingredients to this mix for a pretty good waffle I must say. I almost always add pecans to my waffles or pancakes for an extra layer of complete yumminess! I use frozen chopped strawberries, thawed to a mushy consistency, then I add fresh sliced strawberries to top each waffle. And last but not least of all the crowning jewel of real whipped cream. Yum! and Yum! Wouldn't this make a picture perfect Valentine's Day Breakfast/Brunch?
To sum it all up? I luv my new replacement griddle and I luv being able to have these delicious waffles again! Now? Up to the treadmill!
Super Big Hugz! Eat like you mean it!


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