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Out with the Old and In with the NEW!

Out with the OLD and in with the NEW! Yep! That is how I feel about this delicious side dish I created before the holidays arrived. I have always loved ____________, and while my sister and I were shopping at The Fresh Market, I came across something I had never seen! There in the produce section was the FRESH version of this delectable yumminess that I have always loved! I was amazed! I picked out two of them right away! I had an idea of how I would prepare them in a way I had never before. Once in a while I like to roast a pork loin so when I decided to roast this one, I decided to make my new found fresh version of my favorite root plant but I knew hubby would never eat it no matter how I prepared it, so I had to come up with something for him as well. (As per usual for my meat and potatoes man.) So, seeing that I was thinking of roasting these instead of my normal stove top method, I decided to add some of the wonderful sweet potatoes that I had purchased previously at the farmers market. After searching on google for inspiration, I found something similar to what I was looking for. I quickly went to Marth's web site to see if she could help me bring this concoction together. Of course she did and I put together my version of it for dinner that night! It was amazing! Hunny ate the sweet potatoes but I ate it all! It was so, so, yummy! I decided to make it for Christmas dinner. It was a smash hit! Everyone loved it! 
Can you guess what the other root vegetable is? I will post the recipe at a little later date. I did type it into my cook book app on my Ipad so I would always have it.
I will post the correct guess(es) at a little later date here on my food blog.
Hope everyone is off to a wonderful NEW YOU kind of NEW YEAR!
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