Taking Nut Butter to a Higher Level...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Quite some time ago, about two years or more, after a few scares with the peanut factories in the news, I was forced to find alternative to my beloved peanut butter! And even though I didn't consume peanut butter on a weekly basis, it was always like an old friend always ready to pair up with a fresh pot of vegetable soup, or a mid day hunger crisis. When I noticed the flavor of my long time peanut butter brand had changed for the worse, I began seeking out other brands to take it's place, from old time faves to new promising brands, nothing seemed to taste like a fresh ground peanut anymore so I began to look at other nut alternatives which led me to delicious almond butter! Now I have always favored the crunchy pb&j over the smooth, so the slightly crunchiness of this new butter was not offensive to me at all. So, I began to use almond butter for my occasional pb&j fix. Well, then there was also something else new on the market! They called it Nutella! Of course being a lover of nut butter and chocolate I was going to give it a whirl! I do not exactly know why, but hazlenuts, which is the nut that is used in making Nutella, has never been one that I cared for at all and after trying on several different occasions to eat this yummy concoction, it always ended up with my stomach in a very disagreeable state! So! before the holidays kicked in I came across this almond version of Nutella at the local Trader Joe's so of course I snatched it right up on the way to the check out! Here is how I find it to be. It is a bit on the sweet side the texture is completely smooth and it lacks enough flavor of the almond butter as well as the chocolate. It is okay in a crunch, but I think I would prefer stirring some melted semisweet chocolate into some almond butter myself or maybe just drizzle the chocolate over top.
Okie doke! That is my two cents worth!
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